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California Approves $768M for Charging Infrastructure

DC Fast Charge

California has earmarked $768-million towards charging infrastructure and rebate programs for the state in a new five-year plan.

Under several proposals approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the money will go towards residential, electric truck, and bus charging stations to be implemented by the state’s three major utility companies, an about-face from car-centric incentives. Currently, truck and bus transportation are responsible for up to 39 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions.

One electric vehicle charging station provider, ChargePoint, remarked on the program.

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“This will lead to major benefits for California drivers, ratepayers, utilities, public and private fleet operators and transit agencies, and riders of public transportation,” said ChargePoint VP of utility solutions, Dave Packard, in an emailed statement.

Of the proposals, Southern California Edison will receive the lion’s share of funds, with up to $343-million going towards residential charging programs. In second place is Pacific Gas & Electric, awarded a treasure chest of $236-million towards infrastructure and rebates for the three aforementioned vehicle types, with $22-million going towards 234 DC fast-charging stations.

A third utility provider, San Diego Gas & Electric, will also receive $137 in rebates and at-home installation rebates for up to 60,000 customers. The rest will go towards program evaluation measures and other programs.

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