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Car Selling Methods In A Reliable Way By Yourself


In 2018, 81 million cars were sold. While buying a vehicle yourself is easy, the same cannot be said for selling a car. But, sooner or later, you are bound to sell your old car to get money for buying a new one.Now, selling your car yourself is not as easy as it may seem. This is because most car buying services and dealerships out there try to get the best deals for themselves. This means they will try to cut a cheap deal with you. You are bound to have trouble negotiating with them for the best deal if you don’t do your research. We don’t mean to scare you. You can sell your car in a reliable way by yourself. Simply consider the following car selling methods, and you are good to go:

  1. Do your research

Begin by conducting thorough research. This should include the person or company you are selling to and your car. The former will ensure that you don’t end up dealing with scammers or frauds. The latter guarantees that no one can make a poor deal with you. This is because you will already know what price to demand from them.

  1. Use online valuation companies for getting an estimate

The best way to avoid an unfair price and to know what to demand is by seeking help from online valuation companies. There are various companies operating in the country that offer free valuation to car sellers. Use these services to get an estimate for your car. Here, the valuation of your vehicle is based on its current market value, condition, years of use, the value of add-ons and mileage. Many other factors may also be used to arrive at a final quote. By using these valuation systems, you can set a price for your vehicle.

  1. Decide who you will sell it to

A fundamental question you will have to answer early on is who you will be selling your car to. There are various parties you can sell it to. Deciding this at the initial stage will allow you to target them accordingly. Here is how you can sell your car.

You can sell your vehicle to an independent party directly. The good thing about selling to private buyers is that they are likely to negotiate less since they are not as experienced as dealerships. However, on the other hand, you will have to deal with incessant questions.

Car dealerships are a convenient way to sell your car. Just like you go to them to purchase vehicles, you can go to them to sell it off as well. But, the chances are you won’t get a good deal with them since they take into account their commission too. Not to mention they are biased to give you an underpriced deal.

  • Online car buying services

One option is that you can avail the facilities of online car buying services. This will help if you don’t want to undergo the hassle of taking your car to the dealership and transact with haggling car dealers. Here, you don’t have to take your vehicle anywhere. Also, since they rely on online car valuation systems, you are more likely to get the best deal.

  1. Get your papers ready

Selling a car is not as simple as giving it to someone in exchange for money. The transaction also involves a lot of documentation and paperwork. You wouldn’t want to embark on the car selling journey and go through all the hassles only to later discover that you don’t have the required documents in place.

Therefore, make sure you gather all the required documents early on. This includes the vehicle registration document, logbook, and other car related documents. Failure to present these documents can lead to problems. Proper documents are proof of your reliability. And in case of private sellers, trust and reliability matter more than if you were to buy a used car from a dealership.

  1. Repair any damages

The condition of your vehicle matters a lot. Just like you would want the best vehicle, so will the buyers of your car. Unless you repair damages, you can’t expect to get a reasonable price for your vehicle. Therefore, invest in replacing any damaged accessory in your vehicle. Even if the said things don’t affect the functionality of your car, a damaged item does say a lot about your car. And none of it is good! You need to make a good impression. And sometimes you will have to invest a bit for it. Don’t hesitate in doing so. It will pay off in terms of greater return in the final transaction.

  1. Collect maintenance receipts

If you have got any work done on your vehicle over the years, a great practice is to collect, and safely keep all the receipts. This will help you in justifying the price you ask for your car. It also acts as evidence of why your car buyers should trust you when you say that your vehicle is in excellent condition.

No one will know that you are willing to sell your car unless you tell them. This is why it is crucial to advertise it appropriately. This is especially true if you wish to attract private buyers.

Here are some ways to advertise used cars:

  • Use websites that target auto enthusiasts
  • Make use of your social media accounts to let your friends know about your intent to sell
  • P2P sites, where communities of like minded people are present can be used to spread the news
  • Newspapers and brochures can be distributed in the neighborhood
  • Use word of mouth to tell your family, co-workers, and friends.


Sell your car in a safe and reliable way. Yes, the journey won’t be smooth. But, it isn’t impossible either. Follow these tips to get your hands off your old vehicle and get a new one.


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