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Car Servicing at Your Home : Doorstep Service : Bangalore

Bangalore city spreads into a large area, estimated having 84.43 lakh vehicles on the road, second after Delhi which has 1.01 crore vehicles (source : TOI). The city has daily travelers and maintenance of vehicle has become highly important. As per estimate, 19% of total vehicles are cars, that are maintained by Authorized Service Station and Local Car Mechanics.

The High-Tech city is adaptive to  new technologies and is home of growing startup-culture. Something that does not work in any city, that may work here. Increase of cars on the road of Bangalore  has also increased hassles for people to get maintained their vehicles in-time as there are always long queue over booking car for services.

In India, where you can find mechanic at the right corner of your street, then why do you still go to Authorized Car Service Center , just because of the following things:


Considering your car is out-of-warranty and your are not bound to OEM/ASS.

There are Trusted service providers that go to your home and office to deliver Car Servicing at your doorstep. The biggest advantage is Trust and Quality and mechanic will perform car maintenance before your eyes. The genuine spares will be provided at the spot. has tied-up with best service providers with a fully equipped service van with trained professionals who will come to your doorstep or office and complete the service within 1 – 2 hrs.

Complete transparency and Saving 20-40% on bills are guaranteed.

The Services Includes are:

1. Inspecting & Changing Engine Oil.
2. Inspecting & Changing GearBox Oil (If required or request by customer).
3. Inspecting & Changing Power Steering Oil (If required or request by customer).
4. Inspecting & Changing Brake Oil (If required or request by customer).

5. Inspecting & Changing Air Filter.
6. Inspecting & Changing Oil Filter.
7. Inspecting & Changing A/C(Cabin Air Filter) Filter. (If required or requested by the customer).
8. Inspecting & Changing Fuel Filter (If required).

9. Inspecting & Changing A/C Belt (If required).customer has to inform if already broken
10. Inspecting & Changing Power Steering Belt (If required). customer has to inform if already broken

11. Inspecting & Changing Spark Plugs (If required).
12. Inspecting & Changing Head Lights (If required). customer has to inform if not working
13. Inspecting & Changing Tail Lights (If required).
14.Inspecting & Changing Indicator Lights (If required).
15. Inspecting & Changing Roof Light (If required).
16. Inspecting & Changing Fuses (If required).

17. Radiator Flushing/Cleaning. (if required)
18. Brake Servicing/Cleaning & Changing (If required).
19. Pre & Post Service Road Test.
20. Engine Tune Up.
21. Clutch Adjustment.
22. Checking and Setting Battery Terminals, battery change on prior request.
23. Scanning If required or on customer request(extra charges).
24. Coolant Add, Topup, Replace or Flushing.
25. Engine Flushing (If requested by customer or if required).
26. Suspension Check.
27. Axel/Drive Shaft Check
28. Wiper Replacement if Required

All 12 major areas

MarathahalliBTM LayoutHSR Layout ,Banashankari, Basavanagudi, Domlur, Jayanagar, Koramangala, Rajajinagar, Sadashivanagar, Nagarbhavi, Whitefield

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