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JCB bulldozer unleashes its wrath on Maruti 800: What happens Next [Video]

A JCB earth mover is something that we all must have seen multiple times and multiple places. Generally known as a bulldozer here or simply a JCB, it is one of the most common as well as popular earth moving equipment in India. Now some of you might have always wondered how powerful is this beastly machine actually is. Well, let us tell you, they are quite powerful which is the reason why they are present at almost all big construction sites. They can easily total a car in a matter of minutes without even breaking a sweat. If that is something you have pondered over for long, here a video that shows just that.

Battle of two machines, or rather just the wrath of one on the other. The video above by Blade XYZ shows a JCB 3DX going berserk over a Maruti Suzuki 800. The small family hatchback which is nothing short of an icon in India certainly could not take the frenzy of the insanely powerful JCB 3DX and ends up in a heap of destroyed machine parts. To let you know, the JCB 3DX is the most popular vehicle of its type here in India by JCB. As a size comparison between both the two vehicles, even the rear tire of the JCB 3DX here is nearly as large as the Maruti itself, which gives an idea of its capabilities and power.Let’s now discuss what all happened when these two met in an open field.

Jcb Vs 800

The beginning of the video shows the bulldozer being positioned in front of the Maruti 800 with its backhoe facing the car. The first blow from the backhoe then lands on the centre of the roof of the Maruti 800 and the car gives in immediately. The brutal assault is then continued with blows at the rear and at the front, the Maruti 800 being killed off with every thundering punch it receives from the metal bucket. In between the video, there is a moment where the backhoe bucket positions its teeth on the bonnet of the car and then makes it do a little up-and-down dance, giving a demonstration of its true might.

Jcb Vs 800 2

The bulldozer operator then continues his severe blows on the Maruti 800 until it is reduced to nothing but a heap of metal parts. The car gets torn in two halves with the condition of each half worse than the other. These bulldozers are capable of doing quite heavy duty work like digging, carrying heavy loads, excavating and loading among others. This bulldozer with backhoe type vehicle, named the JCB 3DX, is quite versatile and immensely powerful which makes them fit for the kind of work they do (which is not breaking cars usually).

As a matter of fact, automobiles are crushed in order to dispose of them in many countries across the globe. However, that is done with the help of special machinery and not a bulldozer. This video is just an experiment which shows the king of power these machines have and how easily they can beat the pulp out of any car. Specialised machines turn cars and motorcycles to small metal cubes, which are then melted in order to use the metal again in a recycled form. In India though, there is no such proper system by which a vehicle can be disposed of and recycled properly.

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