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Mopar’s Hellephant Is Already Sold Out

Remember when we told you you could purchase Fiat Chrysler’s beastly, 1,000-horsepower Hellephant crate engine last week? Well, you’ve missed the window. After just a few days of availability, Mopar’s mightiest engine is entirely sold out.

According to Allpar, FCA’s inventory was depleted within 48 hours of pre-orders opening for “Hemi Day” (April 26th) after third-party sources began saying the motor was no longer available. The outlet posited that the $29,995 hand-built unit was likely produced in extremely limited numbers and reached out to the manufacturer for verification about its availability. 

“Given the high demand and the hand-built, time-intensive build process, we have closed preordering for the 426 Hellephant Supercharged HEMI crate engine. Based on preorders, the engine sold out in just two days,” the company responded. “Customers can visit to receive future information and updates on the ‘Hellephant’ engine.”

From Allpar:

No sales volume was offered, but with these 1,000-horsepower engines being hand-built, we would guess that the production numbers will be fairly low. Industry insiders have told us that they believe that Mopar may be making around 100 examples of the Hellephant during this initial production run, but with the engine proving to be so popular — even with a list price higher than that of a base model 2019 Dodge Challenger — it would make sense for the company to figure out a way to make more examples of this 1,000-horsepower crate engine. Of course, we want to point out that the count of 100 engines is not an official figure from FCA.

Image: Mopar

FCA debuted the Hellephant at last year’s SEMA event, wedged inside a resto-modded 1968 Dodge Charger. For its $30k base price, customers receive the motor, flywheel, oil pan, water pump, injectors, ignition coils, 3.0-liter supercharger and throttle body. For an extra $2,265, Mopar provides an engine kit, which adds a powertrain control module (PCM), power distribution center, engine wiring harness, chassis harness, accelerator pedal, ground jumper, oxygen sensors, charge air temperature sensors, fuel pump control module, and CAN bus interface device.

If you’re interested in owning one of these monsters, you’ll have to wait for the company to build another batch. Fortunately, rumor has it that Mopar is considering a second Hellephant production run for 2020.

[Images: FCA]

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