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Other: Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Has Baku more to offer than Monaco?

From April 26th to April 28th the ancient city of Baku will be filled with speeding cars for the fourth time. Fans are expecting nothing less than an hair-raising drama and epic clashes on the Baku City Circuit.

20 turns. 6 kilometres. Three speed sections. These facts describe the Baku City Circuit which is the second longest circuit on the Formula One calendar in 2019 – and, one of the most challenging ones. Some say the excitement of the route might even beat the famous Circuit de Monaco, which is considered as one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world. As this year’s Grand Prix of Azerbaijan is coming closer, it is time to have a deeper look into the differences of the two tracks of Monaco and Baku.

There are two things in particular that differentiate the Azerbaijan Grand Prix from the route in Monaco. Firstly, it is one of the longest and fastest Formula One tracks on the calendar, despite a very narrow section through the centre of Baku. With only 3,337 kilometres, one lap in Monaco is only half the length of the Baku city circuit (6,003 kilometres). Besides the narrow section, the route in Baku has a straight stretch of 2.2 kilometres, making it possible for the drivers to speed up. Secondly, the driving direction of the route is anti-clockwise, unlike most other Formula One circuits, including Monaco.

While the track in Monaco is one of the oldest in the world, the inaugural Formula One race at the Baku circuit was only a few years ago in 2016 at the European Grand Prix. The first race of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in 2017 was widely regarded as one of the best races of the season as it was both very chaotic and exciting. Fans will remember when Vettel and Hamilton clashed on the Baku circuit in 2017 after Vettel accused Hamilton of brake-checking him behind the Safety Car.

This year, around 18,500 tickets are being sold for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix which is only half of Monaco’s capacity. Besides the race, Baku combines a medieval UNESCO-listed fortified old town with 19th-century European palaces and an ultramodern skyline. But while the track in Azerbaijan might be able to keep up with Monaco in levels of excitement, there is one huge difference between the two host cities. One of the highlights in Monaco is a visit to the famous Monte Carlo and Baku has no land-based casinos at all. The only way to fulfil the gamblers’ dreams there is a visit to an online casino before heading down to the race. Anyway, playing online is a great opportunity for fans to get themselves familiar with the rules of casino gambling before heading down to Monaco later this year, on the 26th of May.

To sum up, the Baku city circuit shows potential for becoming a highlight of the Formula One calendar. It offers excitement on the track as well as nice surroundings. However, the route in Monaco is thrilling and full of history. Fans will have to make the decision themselves which route they prefer after this year’s races, and if Baku could actually beat Monaco.

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