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Other: Most Profitable Online Businesses In 2019

More and more people are looking for work online. Somebody has created some innovative and out of the ordinary ways to generate a source of income. One of these career paths people are taking is becoming a social media influence.

Many people are making a lot of money because they have many followers online. “Is that a real job?” you will ask. The answer is “It doesn’t have to be.” These individuals still make an insane amount of money for merely posting photos.

But the sad reality is that not everybody can become social media influencers. But there are many other avenues online that can give you just as much income, but I have to warn you it will take time and patience.


YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world today. However, ranking on this video website is simpler than Google. What this means is that an ordinary person with quality videos can generate a significant amount of traffic.

Through Google AdSense or sponsored content, you can generate revenue from the video itself. The ad revenue is much better than in text content, meaning you can make more money from less video traffic than from your blog.

The best part about it, you can connect your blog and your YouTube channel and exchange traffic between the two. This way both platforms generate traffic from the same source.

Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation

Affiliate marketing is when you sell a product on behalf of another person. For every purchase you make, you earn a commission on the deal. While Lead generation is when you are paid for every new customer, you bring to a company. Sometimes you don’t even have to make a sale.

The advantage of having this kind of business model is little traffic to generate income, especially with lead generation. Many people have attested that they can be paid upwards of $100 for bringing in one customer.

Affiliate marketing is a business that has more people in the area especially with Amazon affiliates at hand. Amazon has one of the biggest affiliate teams and is one of the reasons for the company success.

They may be paying out fewer commission percentages than companies like Click Bank, but with their wide range of products and excellent reputation, they still make more sales. So they welcome everybody who wants to get into this business.

But you can also approach a company yourself and ask about what kind of reward systems they have in place for marketers. Try and be non-conventional, reach out to even an essay writer service and learn if they have a partnership program.

Drop Shipping

This is a new form of online business that involves selling products, even if you do not have a warehouse or stock of the product. You act like a middle man where your customer does not know that you are not the owner of the product.

The system is quite simple because you will be just working with an online store. Today, many people use Ali Express as it is inexpensive to manufacture products and you talk directly with the manufacturing plant that means that the products will be less expensive.

You first choose a niche that you feel would be most profitable for you. Then you need to create a beautiful e-store and display the products as your own. Market your store online and when someone makes an order reach out to the manufacturing company and ask them to ship the product directly to the client.

Here comes the tricky part. You are supposed to sell the product at a higher price to your customer than you are buying the product from Ali Express. You receive the money from your client, take your cut and send the rest of the funds to Ali Express.

Make sure that you tell Ali Express not to indicate the original price on the package as this will give away your business model. The best part about drop shipping you can sell almost an unlimited number of goods without having it physically. It is cheaper, with the variety of products you can purchase. So use your limitless imagination and act.

If you are looking to venture into online work, then it is the perfect time for you. The methods mentioned above are still relatively new to the market. Hence fewer people are doing it. This means you can enter the business before it gets saturated and too competitive.

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