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Parts Of Ignition System That Need To Be Replaced

Parts Of Ignition System That Need To Be Replaced

The battery is one of the most important parts of the car. It is what helps power the various parts of the car and the accessories. The battery needs to be changed every 3 to 5 years depending upon the usage and the weather conditions. There are other factors involved as well such as wearing out due to other parts, leakage etc. The battery powers the car and is responsible for the ignition. If the battery is weak or worn out, the car won’t start easily. A battery has to be fully charged for the car to start in the first cell. It is also responsible for powering the vehicle lights and interior accessories of the car. If a car is kept idle the battery will wear out eventually. The car needs to be driven to keep the battery charged and it gets affected the most in the winter season. It is necessary to keep the battery charged and the contacts clean to ensure it lasts for the given period.

Ignition Coil
The ignition coil is what helps convert the low voltage electricity into high voltage electricity required to ignite the air-fuel mixture. The number of the coil varies in different types of engine. Some of the engines have a single coil, while others have multiple depending on the number of cylinders. Without the ignition coil, the car won’t be able to get the spark required to start the car. If the ignition coil is not replaced when worn out, the car will suffer a lot. The fuel economy would get affected, there would be a loss of acceleration, and the repairing it would cost a lot. The professional mechanics suggest you get it replaced on time as it is located under the engine and can only be removed by disassembling the engine. If the coil gets damaged and harms other parts, it can result in requiring a complete engine rebuild.

Spark Plugs
Due to the functions that the spark plugs perform, it tends to get eroded due to the spark that jumps between the electrodes. It causes the gap between the electrodes to grow over time and it keeps increasing with time until the spark plug cannot bridge the gap. It will affect the car in many ways such as the mileage will get affected, acceleration power will reduce, the engine would misfire, and the check engine light will pop-up. It is really important to get the spark plug checked every time you get the car serviced and changed every 2 years or whenever you decide to get a tune-up. Spark plugs can be replaced at any local auto repair shop.

These are the different types of important ignition system parts which need to be replaced with time to ensure smooth starts. More any ignition system problems, you can visit a local auto shop or hire a mobile mechanics to get it diagnosed at home or office.

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