[POLL] Will You Buy a C8 Corvette Without First Taking a Test Drive?

[POLL] Will You Buy a C8 Corvette Without First Taking a Test Drive?

Photo Credit: Chazcron

It’s the age-old question for early-adopters that want to the first to have the latest hot product. Do you try before you buy, or do you whip out the credit card and hope for the best?

In this case, that new product is the 2020 Corvette with the engine situated behind the driver that will come at an expected cost of $65,000 or higher. The one thing you can make bank on is that there will be a ton of hype for the car leading up to the beginning of the order process.

With previous new-generation rollouts of Corvettes, enthusiasts could always fall back on their experiences with other front-engine Corvettes. We wonder if that will also be the case for the C8 mid-engine Corvette.

Following the C8 Corvette reveal on 07.18.19, we do think that there will be many opportunities for potential buyers to see the car live at shows like the National Corvette Museum’s 25th Anniversary Show, Corvettes at Carlisle, Mid America’s Funfest and others. Depending on the nature of the show, it may even be possible to get hands-on with the car and maybe even the opportunity to sit it one.

But given the nature of the new technologies and how radically different the car will be than previous generations, sitting in the car and having the ability to experience a test drive are two different things.

So let’s ask the question to those who own Corvettes:

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If you have any thoughts on the subject, or had the negative experience of purchasing a car without a test drive first, we’d love to hear from you! You can leave your comments below.

Photo by Chazcron

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