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Redbull Racing has created the ultimate Sandman Tribute.

Redbull Racing has created the ultimate Sandman Tribute.

Tribute Edition Sandman

Australia loves the Panel Wagon, they always have, since Holden & Ford started selling them in the 50’s.

The best known was the Holden Sandman from the 70’s.



Well the RedBull Racing Australia V8 Supercars team have created the ultimate tribute to the famous Sandman.

Introducing the Triple Eight: Project Sandman Tribute Edition


Tribute Edition Sandman

This awesome world first racing panel van was created by the team behind RedBull Racing Australia, Triple Eight Racing, created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Holden Sandman, it is the ultimate tribute to the original car.

Ford created some cool racing vans in the past but nothing like this.

It has been a secret project for the last 6 months and was built in partnership with GM Holden Design Department.

It has been built to be used as the Red Bull Racing Australia ride car, so fans will get the opportunity to take for hotlaps in this 705BHP wagon,  the car has a couple of unique features which include a six speed electro-hydraulic paddle shift gearbox and F1-inspired fly by wire throttle control not currently seen in the current V8 Supercar.

Tribute Edition Sandman





It was unveiled on the Gold Coast by Redbull racing teammates Jamie Whincup and teammate Craig Lowndes in the lead up to this weekends V8 Supercar Gold Coast 600 race, alongside an original example of a Holden Sandman.

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Both Lowndes & Whincup are excited about the car and will get to spend time behind the wheel.

“The Holden Sandman was launched 40 years ago, the same year that I was born!” Lowndes said.

“It sounds like a race car, it’s faster than our race cars in a straight line with the big banger engine and the cool thing is if you come to the race this weekend, you’ll see it running around the track.”

“We’re here after six months of development to reveal our secret project and what an honour to be a part of a Tribute Edition Sandman and have it race around the track this weekend,” Whincup said.

“The heart and soul of the car is a V8 Supercar and it’s an absolute rocket!”

The car had its first public appearance on track on Friday.






Holden has created previous Sandman Tributes, in 2000 they created this show car, but its nothing like the current project.



Hopefully we see more of this cool project in the future.

Images courtesy of Redbull media and GM Holden.

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