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This Tata Harrier looks GORGEOUS with 18-inch alloy wheels

The Tata Harrier has quickly become the best selling vehicle of its segment, disrupting the likes of the Mahindra XUV500 and the Jeep Compass. A lot of this has to do with the rather attractive design of the Harrier combined with its feature-rich interiors. Various aftermarket accessories for the Harrier have also started to pour in and we have seen some good examples of customised Harrier till date. Joining them is this white Harrier, which has been given a new set of ultra-stylish alloys. Check out the pictures of this gorgeous machine before we move on to the details.

Harrier Mod

The white paint shade of this Harrier is further complimented by those excellent silver alloy wheels from Plati. The split 5 spoke alloys really are gorgeous and are 17-inch units. They have been shod on with 255/55 profile tires. According to the owner, the steering has become a bit heavier after changing the wheels but the ride has become smoother

Harrier Mod 4

The total cost of the wheels set is around Rs. 96,000. This includes Rs. 56,000 spent on the tires along with Rs. 40,000 for the alloys. Though this means that the owner spent nearly Rs. 1 lakh on his new ride, the outcome is ravishing to say the least.

Talking about the Tata Harrier, one of its major USPs is its design. It has been designed on the lines of Tata’s IMPACT 2.0 design philosophy which will be seen on a lot of the next generation vehicles from Tata. This includes the Cassini, Altroz, Blackbird and the Hornbill. The base variant of the Harrier starts at Rs. 12.69 lakhs which makes it positioned very competitively in the market.

Harrier Mod 3

The Tata Harrier is built upon the OMEGA platform that is derived from Land Rover’s D8 platform. This platform can accommodate a variety of engine and gearbox combinations. The upcoming Cassini will also be made on the same platform. Though the Harrier does not come with a 4WD/AWD option, the OMEGA platform is quite capable and the upcoming Cassini would probably prove this as it could come with an AWD option.

Harrier Mod 4

Talking of the engine powering the Harrier, the SUV is powered by a 2.0-litre Fiat-derived KRYOTEC diesel engine which also does the duty on the Jeep Compass, albeit in a different state of tune. This engine churns out a maximum power figure of 138 Bhp along with a maximum torque of 350 Nm. As of now, the company only offers a six-speed manual gearbox with the car but will launch a Hyundai sourced automatic transmission soon. The same engine will also power the Cassini, though there it will produce around 170 Bhp of power. Tata will launch the Cassini before the end of this year and it will then become the flagship vehicle of the company’s lineup in India.

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